Revamped Dusty show is much improved

I finally got to see the revamped Dusty show last night, and loved it.

The almost completely new cast do a great job, particularly Alison Arnop in the title role. In this rewritten version she is allowed to sing as Dusty, and she does it remarkably well. The real Dusty still appears on video, often just in time to steal Alison’s applause. it’s worth mentioning that the holograms are better that they were. I knew in advance that there was less of the Dusty footage in the show, but any concerns I had about that were dispelled. the show works much better this way.

From the original cast Leo Elso remains as Tom, and doubles on multiple instruments throughout, showing his many talents. Francesca Jackson continues the fictional role of Nancy. I realise that the nancy character is a vehicle for the storytelling but I still wish that the main thread of the story wasn’t a fiction when the truth is just as interesting.

I would thoroughly recommend seeing the show now, though it closes on November 21, so you’d best hurry!!

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