Play (If Life’s A Game)

PLAY (If life’s a game)

(Simon Bell)

It's hard to face

Young mind old age

Some say face up

I say hush up.

Still fit still strong

Nothing is wrong

While there's a will

Who would stand still

I've seen some go

Too young I know

Don't waste a day

If life's a game

Then play

Hard times have come

Hard times have gone

Each time I learn

We just go on

Days may grow short

Mem’ries grow long

Don’t waste a day

If life’s a game

Then play.

There will be time

To walk, to climb

To dance, to sing

To do all things

High as hills are

They’re not too far

Go on your way

If life’s a game

Then Play.

©Simon Bell August 18 2014

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